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Default Re: Eric what's your thoughts on a TM1 Edelbrock on a


The factory intake is tough to beat. If you're willing to trade some power down low for some power upstairs, milling the plenum divider helps. You might consider picking up a service intake to modify so you don't have to carve on a `69 unit.

Most of the older intakes aren't really much of an improvement--they were still in their developmental infancy back then. There are a few exceptions though--the old-school Holley Strip Dominator was an outstanding piece that's still a great piece today. There are a few different versions, I'll have to get you the #'s later.

Speaking of which, I have a Strip Dominator to test on my 302 soon. I was days away from getting it back on the dyno again last year, but an unexpected garage door failure and the Chevelle developing an appetite for driveline parts mandated a change of financial priorities.

Barring any more unforeseen SNAFU's, this should be an "interesting" season on the dyno for me.

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