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Default Re: August '06 Feature Car

OK........I now have to boast for myself & Rayburn Pennington & Jamie Jarvis. We will all (3) be on the cover of "Corvette Fever" Magazine a group shot...With a feature on each of the car's. Due to hit book stores in the next 6-8 weeks. And from what i've seen story's/pictures it should be a nice article on each car aprox. 15-20 pages for the (3)of us. Tell me if i'm wrong but i don't ever recall a group of car's being on the cover of a magazine?
***Other new's*** We went to the Ault park "Concours d'elegance" in Cinn. & "Moray" won the best muscle car award..And while we were their guess who made a special visit "Dave McClelan" Corvette Designer from General Motors. He took the great Zora Duntov's place.Without Zora & Dave there would be no Corvette's today....
Quote (Dave): Motion Performance has some remarkable car's still around in the auto world.....And i also ask him if he would be interested in coming to our supercar reunion sometime. And he gave me his card & told us to call anytime,would be honored to be a part of our fun!
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