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Default 1970 W-30 4 speed, a.k.a."Agent 007"

I just wanted to share our recent Oldsmobile acquisition.

This is an authentic 1970 W-30 4 speed wearing special order - - Rally Red paint code 73.

There were a total of 1,270, 4 speed W-30 produced in 1970 based on documentation from the GM Heritage center. 1,032 were the hardtop version such as this car.

It was ordered as a steel wheel hub cap car, 3.91 posi, sport steering wheel, AM radio, no console,
The Rocket Rally Pack and the W-Machine package.

It was purchased new in the Indiana, Pennsylvania area and parked in a barn in 1982, by the second owner. He passed recently and the family cleaned the car up and brought it out in the public eye just recently, and eventually it was put up for sale.

There was a very detailed thread about the car by Bill King, the prior owners son in law on Classic

While it's had some work over the years as well as some "day two" modifications it is still a very original car.

Another Kool aspect is that it was built in October of 1969, which is believed to be the first month of production with 367 W-30s produced. Based on research this is one of the earliest Documented W-30s currently accounted for. Also the last three numbers of the VIN are "007".

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