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Originally Posted by 68 Chevy II View Post
Also, its a good idea to go and look at the vehicle in
Person. If not then have someone you trust look at it.
Saves alot of potential headaches.
I have bought 5 cars sight unseen, but worked the seller over fairly well with pictures in specific places. If the seller did not photograph what I wanted and pushed back on my request I did not proceed. One exception, this seller on a 69 RS/SS Camaro Convertible traveled a lot per him and did not get me the pics I wanted. So I traveled to see the car. Within 10 minutes I seeing the car I walked. The car had filler everywhere and the top would not go down. The best option is to go see the car...for sure. Second as one mentioned earlier. Have a trusted set of eyes look it over.
Regarding payment, I like to have the seller overnight me the title, POP, build sheet or something of value after I send him a deposit. You are at risk if you send a deposit, but at least you are not out a large sum if you just give a deposit. Try to limit the deposit to as little as possible. Try to get something from the seller that is meaningful in case the deal goes sideways. That is my strategy.
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