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Originally Posted by 1railman View Post
I have a Morton and paint is about all off roof. Building is 30 plus years old and green is pretty faded. Trusses are on 9 foot center. Having said that, it is still standing.

I do agree I would opt for screws in metal rather than nails. I too would opt for posts that are not buried in ground. I.E. posts on steel clips or up-graded posts now available.
9' centers??....but not surprising for Morton. I'd be scared to death of that living where you could get a significant snow load.

Being around the business all my life, most of the buildings I saw that collapsed from snow loads were Morton buildings. Whoever you get prices from, made sure they conform with local building codes. The big box stores are notorious for quoting buildings that violate local codes, not intentionally I'm sure, they likely have a generic plan in their quoting system that doesn't always comply with local codes.
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