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After 2 1/2 years, the car has to come totally apart. Gaps, workmanship, assembly, paint - have to be redone. I certainly don't wish James any ill will. Like many of you, I've admired his attention to small details over the years, He's also a very pleasant guy to talk to. Based on this experience, however, he hasn't demonstrated the ability to accomplish a full restoration. The car was never pre-assembled (to assure body gap fit) before finish painting and final assembly. enough said.

I've had over 25 cars restored by 5 different shops over the past 30 years. I've never even had a cross word of disagreement with the restorers, and the results have been superb. This is the first bad experience that I've had. So, I feel blessed. I went with James for this restoration because my regular Camaro restorer was booked out 3 years at the time. Big mistake.

I'll go ahead and get the car in to a reputable shop. It's a car worth doing right, and it will be beautiful when finished :-)
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