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I couldn't believe what the pressure was on my car. I wanted to leave an original " AC " embossed pump on my car for the Vintage cert at 2015 MCACN. I rebuilt my dist and carb several times searching for the problem. Spent hundreds of dollars and probably 100 hours! Had 10 people look at it. Bought $650 carb and it did the same thing. Nobody online at any of the Camaro sites ever told me to check my fuel pressure. Maybe they did, I really don't remember, but I don't think so. Everything else was mentioned. I bought the pump from heartbeat city. Searched for the issue for a couple of years. Tons of white smoke at start up and at idle, died at EVERY stop sign, fouling plugs etc etc... It was un-metered fuel pushing past the needle and seat. SO frustrating !! .. Installed pressure regulator in the front of the frame. Hid the lines under the bottom rad hose and BINGO!! Don't have to run a line back to the tank. Took an hour and cost $35! See videos below. Car NEVER ran so well. Thank goodness my friend told me to check it. Danny
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