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Okay, so something kept bothering me:
The NCRS report said the production date was March 19, 1968. But I remembered the tag reading 07C. How could there be such a gap?

So I looked.


What happened was I mixed it up with the Chevelle, which was an 07C car.

So, since I know its official birthday, shall I get a cake for it in the spring? Lol.
Also, an update:

I'm getting money for Christmas this year, so I'll be ordering a front disc conversion kit for the Camaro.
Tired of the front drums. They always seem to need something and I'd like the peace of mind discs bring. Don't worry, I'll be boxing up the drums and putting them away.
My grandfather's cars:
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'89 Mustang GT- Many mods.
None are stock.
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