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My 2 cents - build it at least 13’ High. Why?, you may want to put in a lift or build a loft. 13’ gives you at least 6 ft above and below a loft. 2) look into getting custom trusses that are either boxed in the center, meaning you could have another loft down the center ridge of a gabled roof. 3)Have those 4 foot metal panels installed around the bottom perimeter (a lot of times they are the color of the trim).Why?. If you accidentally dent one of those panels, you only have 4 ft to replace and not 13 or whatever total length. If you can, put 4x8 plywood(4 “ verticle) around inside perimeter to protect siding. 3) They make a clear panel that has the same contour as the siding. Put them on at least the length of one side to let natural light in. 4) put either a window or vent with a fan up in at least one gable to aid in taking out fumes and hot air. 5) put about 4 anchors flush with the floor I have 3/4” threaded holes that I can screw a large eye bolt in. You don’t know how handy that is to chain something to the floor to hold it in place to work on or pry on. 6) I don’t put windows at eye level, just the ones mentioned up high. If you do put windows at eye level, make a welded woven bars that prevent entry. You can’t prevent everything. I know of at least 2 guys that someone used a cordless circular saw or sawsall and entered right through the siding. 7) invest in motion sensor alarm. You should spend time reading up on for more ideas. Spend money for insulation- walls, ceiling and under floor. Look into H2O heated floor. Have a separate room or walled of area or outside shed for air compressor. They can be noisy ( unless you have the screw kind) run all air lines up high, then make drops Come down to a “t” fitting waiste high and put a 1 foot piece of pipe straight down below “t” with a ball valve to drain moisture.
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