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A few more tips from experience

Morton is a quality name but if you use them make sure they use screws and not nails

I put min 1' eves on all sides and recommend 3-4' overhang on the garage door side

I agree spend the money on sufficient insulation for your area in the walls/ceiling
I like Bentley use plywood except I run it horizontal either 3/4" painted or 5/8" sheeting with white FRP ( fiberglass reinforced plastic) glued on ( durable and easy clean up)

I also use the box trusses for additional headroom for lifts

Spend the money for good commercial grade insulated overhead doors- oversize them you will really appreciate it later- I put the windows in the door up higher for security reasons

I like to use 4,000 psi 6" concrete either fiber mesh or wire mesh so I have no issue with heavier equipment or lifts. seal or paint/stain the garage floor prior to using the garage

I use 3/4" EMT conduit drops and home runs to my panel for flexibility to add anything electrical later.

LED lights are great but T8 Fluorescent moisture proof are more cost effective at this time

My garages are pitched 1/4" for washing cars and installed a drain with grill across the front of my garage on the inside ( cant do this in some areas)

Any other questions please let me know and I will be happy to help with any thing I can
I have built 4 for myself so far and am continuing to make refinements on each of them

Best Wishes
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