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Originally Posted by Too Many Projects View Post
Can't stress this enough either. Too many people just hang onto the old title and don't transfer it into their name for a long time. Do it before you spend another nickel on restoration. I know you said the seller is a friend, but if someone got ahold of the vin when it was displayed and had a fake title made, they could be a big problem.

Damn cool to find that car, so many of us have longed for a find like that for many years. '66 is one of my 2 favorites, '70 being the other. Look forward to a new thread on this when it's time.
Thanks, yeah the title is already in his name and will be I'm my name soon enough. I don't mess around with titles. I've had quite a few old cars/trucks and most were from out of state, some only had registrations.
I will be sure to post pics of her when she reaches my garage. I like 70's as well, highest HP year!
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