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Old 11-13-2021, 06:16 PM
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Default 2022 Greenwich Concourse looking to pony cars

The gentleman who bought my black 1969 Corvette is helping to locate some specific cars for the upcoming 2022 Greenwich Concourse in June of 2022. His name is Ron Garabed and his contact information is [email protected] or you can speak to him by dialing 1-215-622-1658.
Ron asked if I knew anyone who owned a beautiful example of a pony car or muscle car who might be interested in displaying it at the Greenwich Concourse in June. I don't know anyone personally but, I do know there are quite a few cars on this site that would fit the bill.
Ron tells me they are trying to locate excellent examples of 69-70 Boss Mustangs, 67-69 Z28's, TA Challengers, AAR Cudas; cars like that. They also want to display excellent examples of muscle cars; I would imagine, Hemi cars, LS6 Chevelles, COPOs, Shelbys etc.

If anyone has such a car, or cars, and would like to participate please reach out to Ron. He's a great guy, has taken great care of my old Corvette and has a real passion for old cars. He'll get you all set up with whatever is needed to get your cars registered.

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