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Default 409, 348 parts

I've had these parts kicking around my garage for a long time and thought maybe someone could put them to use.

I have no idea what they're worth, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

All but one AC Delco piece came from International Parts Corporation. All appear new, or rebuilt and most of the parts have the corresponding GM part number on the box.

Fuel pump
GM part #. 5594460
Int'l part #4460

Fuel pump
1963 409
Int'l part number 6842
There is 2 of these.

Fuel pump
1961-62 348 with high lift cam
GM# 5594799
Int'l part # 4799

Fuel pump
1959-62 GM# 5594657
Int'l part # 4657

Fuel pump rebuilt
AC Delco
GM # 24657

Fuel vacuum pump
1958 348 with 3-2 barrel carbs
GM part # 5594490

Also have a waterpump that I'm guessing is aftermarket also as I see no GM part#
2261 is stamped on front, only numbers I see on it.
It is new, or rebuilt. Don't have a box for it, all the others are boxed.

If anyone has an idea of what this stuff is worth, I'd appreciate any help

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