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Default Follow up to Day 2 Corvette

As some of you may remember, awhile back, I posted a thread here about my 1964 Corvette street machine and I talked about the story and shared a few photos of the car and what my plans were for the car. The car has been my project since I last posted about it and I have been slowly getting the car running and driving little by little when I am not in school. Since I am in school, I don't the opportunity to work on the car as much as I would like to. So I figured I would post a thread talking about the car and what all has been done to it since it as last mentioned.

The cool thing about being in a restoration school is that I can bring in parts of the car to work on if they are applicable for what the class is on. I brought the car's L88 hood in to for some paint and body work. The hood is from the early to mid 70s and was in need of some attention. My plan for the hood was to strip the old paint off and repaint it the original GM Silver Blue that the rest of the car would be painted. The hood is made out of very cheap fiberglass and right where the scoop was mounted to the hood, there was a serious crack in the passenger side rear corner. This was going to require some fiberglass work, which I had never done before. Stripping the hood was an easy process. The old lacquer paint was so old that all it took was a pair of needle nose vice grips and a box of razors and quick work was made of the old paint. The paint coming off the hood was cool because under it you saw how the paint looked when it was fresh, and that gray had some serious metal flake in it, so it was very of the times and very "groovy". The only problem I had was sanding the gelcoat. That stuff is super thick. The hood has now been skim coated, sanded and will be ready for primer very soon. Problem is I only get one day a week with the hood since the class it's for is one day a week.

As for the rest of the car. The first order of business was to get the brake issue worked out. When the car was being pulled out of the garage, the brakes didn't work at all. There was no pressure at all in the system and the parking brake was used in a panic stop to keep the car from rolling off a hill at the end of the driveway. The brake issues were addressed with new wheel cylinders, flex hoses and master cylinder. All that's left to do is to bleed the system and the car will be safe enough to be streetable. After the brakes are done, the engine will be worked on. The 327 is a 250 version out of a '65 passenger car according to the numbers, but has an aluminum edelbrock intake, a '68 vintage Holley 2818 carb, some type of camshaft, and hooker super comp headers. New plugs and wires, as well as a carb rebuild were done. The car might have a timing issue as well as the automatic choke is giving me some trouble.

Like I said, I am away at school and don't get to work on the car very much, but when I do, things get done and it is so close to being roadworthy. I have attached pictures of the work going into the hood. The last picture is the end goal for the car to look like and sit like. I also found some old pictures of the car when it was first bought by my great uncle around the mid to late eighties. Sorry for the images being big, still getting used to posting.

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Great car and an excellent candidate for that vintage Day II look. I'm really diggin' what your final outcome will be and the use of the aluminum slots. Keep at it and please update this thread as you progress along.

Hats off to you Alex!
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Glad to hear you are going in this direction, I remember your earlier post and the conversation that followed. You have a good plan, good luck and thanks for posting.
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