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Default Exactly what is a "deuce"?

I see this term all over this website, can someone kindly educate me as to what ype of car this is referring to?
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The Chevy II was introduced in 1962 and continued to be marketed under that model name through 1968. At some point Chevy II was dropped and it became the Nova. But Chevy II stuck.

'Deuce' [means two] probably started with the 1970 COPO Nova Yenko Sportscars Inc marketed as the Yenko Deuce.
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Or much earlier and more originally used in reference to the iconic Ford 1932 model - mainly the 3 window coupe version..
Not used so much in this website - but the original use of the phrase in the 'Car World' certainly!

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Deuce is also slang for 2. Therefore the term for the car, Chevy II, was around way before the the 70 Yenko Deuce. That is probably why Yenko used that term in 70 to capture the free advertising/word-of-mouth of the term Deuce. As well as to identify, or clarify the SB version of his Yenko Nova for the year vs the 69 427 BB version of the same car.
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Referring only to Nova's or Chevy II's, I see many early Chevy II race car photos back in the 60's with some sort of Deuce used in the car's name such as "Deuces Wild" so the slang term used on Chevy II's likely started right after their introduction in 1962.
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The original lyrics written by Bruce Springstein were "Cut loose like a deuce another runner in the night" but the words were changed when sung by Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Deuce refers to 1932 Ford Coupe. Originally mentioned in Beach Boys Little Deuce Coupe. ... Actually the song was written by Bruce Springsteen.
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I worked with a guy that said, I gotta go drop a deuce.
I think of little deuce coupe myself.
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For as long as I can remember, or within the car culture as I've known it; people have been calling Chevy II's and Nova's "Deuces" forever. Not something coined by Yenko in 70, but the culture at large referring to the little Chevy Nova's as a Deuce. It was also used largely on the 32 ford as in Lil' Deuce Coupe.

I'm sure the 70 Yenko Nova owners would like to reserve "Deuce" as exclusive to their pedigree rides, but that simply is not gonna happen until all the old guys who call Nova's and 32 Fords deuce's are gone and buried. This slang word has been used to describe certain two door cars for a very long time.
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Default deuce

actually thats wrong.the guys who call newer novas deuces only seem to be on the yenko site.mostly guys that arent old enough to actually have been there.i had a 1970 nova ss in 1970.any nova newer than a 1968 chevy II/nova is a nova.other than the yenko deuce of course.its just guys trying to make there cars sound like something they are not.i can tell you (back in the day)no one called 1969 and up novas deuces.
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