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Default Musclecar Finds

Finding an unknown car is one of the most exhilarating aspects of the hobby for me. When I read stories or find one myself it is captivating. Barn Finds are interesting and some fantastic stories and their conditions vary. Barn Finds are not all found in barns....

The article link below is about Barn Finds

In the future I hope to uncover unrestored survivors that have been appreciated and cared for from the beginning. Yes they are rare, but provide the jewels of information on assembly processes and finishes.
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One of my favorite things about the hobby is the human story of the car... the previous owners and the life the car lived. Seeing the war wounds the car has suffered in street or track battles. the paint jobs it had over its life. And the wonderment of an unrestored survivor kept so well its hard to believe it wasnt restored. These cars were born to take into battle on the streets of america. By mostly young men returning from a war zone , just hoping to live out the rest of their lives. i look forward to each and any story.
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Completely agree with you both. So many stories that are unknown yet, and I can't wait to read them. I've purchased the "Cobra in a Barn" books before and read them through in the first couple days I've had them as I can't get enough. Love this new addition to an already great site, thanks Steve!
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John 10:30
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I love seeing the "barn" find pics and hearing about the background of the cars. Interestingly, the pictures of the Challenger, Cuda, and Chargers weren't so unknown to folks who live in South Dakota. Low population state where many car enthusiasts know each other, but that's definitely an example of cars that were unknown outside the local area.

BTW, Vanderbrink Auctions brought out the buyers for that auction and prices reflected it. It's absolutely the first time I've ever gone to an auction and not raised my hand once.....don't think I even bought a hotdog and a soda!
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Default Almost a barn find

I saw this ca when I walked into a new customers business. It's in the lobby. No battery or gas tank per the law to have the car indoors. Owner says not for sale - he will restore it someday - he certainly has the money. Found it just south of Rochester NY and the car ran around the Rochester area years ago. It's all there per the pictures.

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----What restoration? Just put the stuff back and wash it......Bill S
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I agree Bill!! It would be a sin to restore that car. Wash and wax then enjoy... Looks like a very nice Chevelle.
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Am I reading that correctly, BF Goodrich Belted TA's?
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