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Default Re: Ram Air IV versus 455 HO

Yes it still looks similar. It has a few hard drag race miles on it but has never had a cage or anything welded in it. The body panels are all original. The car was supposedly acid dipped or special sheet metal or something. but I can't verify that for sure. It does only wheigh 3250 complete and all steel and full interior. It's the lightest firebird I have seen. I personally ran 12.00's for 12 years in it just so I wouldn't have to cage it. I did dip it into the 11's a few times here and there. I built the Turbocharged car a couple of years ago and retired the RAIV car. I have accumulated alot of the parts That The dealer removed.
They trew out the RAIV pans and flappers on day one after Tom Nell told them they were worthless and heavy!!!
The lettering on the sides is no longer on the car but the lace is still mostly there.
and it was actually raced with a 67 RAI carburator?? who knows why. I have the correct carb for it though. It was also changed to an M20 at half year to take advantage of the low first gear. The pontiacs could run the wider ratio and pull it off.
I'm glad you guy's appreciate it.
That car has been one hell of a race car for me and It holds alot of memories.

I actually had a buddy with RAIV convertible that has had some talk about it on this site as well. I brokered the deal between him and Marc S. and got burned by him in the end. So beware. You think he'd appreciate a deal where he bought a car for $29,000 and sold it for over $60,000. with out doing anything. The car had no original motor, tranny, rear and the body was rough. I still know where the original short block is for that car. It's rotting in a guys back yard here in CT. Totally worthless at this point unfortunately.
Thanks for the welcome. This seems to be a great site!
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The 71 455 HO is basically a slightly lower compression and milder cammed 455 cubic inch RAIV (to meet emissions) and includes the 4-bolt mains. Just drop in some 10.5:1 forged pistons and a modern cam and have the best of both worlds. For even more fun top it off with a nice Holley HP mechanical secondary carb and an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake. Massive torque and unstoppable top end, a positively killer combination especially when mated to a Richmond Gear 5-Speed !
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The 455SD was designed as a race engine but GM got their hand slapped when caught messing with emission.The block is a 4 bolt main with all joined lifter bores like the RA Vs and also provisions for a dry sump oiling system.Diff cam altogether as it has a smaller dizzy gear on the cam and a larger gear on the dizzy to handle the 80 LB supplied in the engine.Too bad they could not get it ready for 1970 with high compression and a IV cam. They had to go back,run a smaller cam and a iron intake from the the engine that was given for emissions.Pre dated the VW cheating scandal.FWIW,Tom
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Default Pontiac collection

If anybody has interest in buying a Ram IV,SD'S & H.O Trans Ams you might want to look me up Gotmusclecars.com just a few Trans Ams and Judges coming through...
Cars for sale Baldwin Motions, ZL1 Camaro, Hemi Daytona & Superbird, Hemi Cuda plus many others!
Coming out of private colllections!! Always looking for RARE Muscle cars... THX
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