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Old 03-16-2023, 02:57 PM
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Default Very cool 68 Yenko Camaro photos

These showed up on Facebook this morning. Thanks to Joe Carella for posting on the Yenko Super Car Facebook site. Mid Ohio circa 1968 and to Harold Miller for posting on another site as well. Very cool that it is actually pulling the trailer for their racecar. Certainly Joe or someone else has the history of this car. Nice Red Line tires. I just wish it had been Dana's Camaro to add to the history.
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Rick Nelson
Musclecar Restoration and Design, Inc
specializing in (only real) LS6 Chevelle restorations
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Old 03-16-2023, 03:52 PM
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Yenko Camaro as a tow car....how crazy is that?
Bill Pritchard
69 Chevelle SS396 Post Sedan, Cortez Silver, L35 M20
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Pro Stock John (03-16-2023)
Old 03-16-2023, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Bill Pritchard View Post
Yenko Camaro as a tow car....how crazy is that?
Reminds me of a vintage pic I saw with Jerry McNeish towing a Chevelle Race car with a 69 Z/28. It may be in one of Jerry's books.
Don't believe everything you read on the internet ... Ben Franklin
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Old 03-16-2023, 09:09 PM
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----Had a friend in Fort Liquerdale back in the day that towed his LS6 Chevelle on an open trailer to the track with his 70 Z28.....Bill S
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Old 03-17-2023, 06:53 AM
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Cool yenko camaro! Thank you for sharing
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Old 03-17-2023, 12:25 PM
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That's supposed to be Jerry Hansen working on the engine of the race car in the foreground. Jerry was a very good road racer from Minnesota and Courtney Hansen who we see every year at MCACN is his daughter. The Yenko may have been bought new by Jerry. Possibly Courtney could shed some light on the subject even though she wasn't born until several years after this photo was taken.
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Default 68 Yenko

Bob Trezniak from Adams Friendship,Wi. owned a 68 Yenko just like the one pictured years ago. I believe Roger Gibson restored the car that Trez owned.
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Old 03-18-2023, 06:28 PM
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Cool picture also surely Jerry Hansen’s Lola T140-8 which exists today although not listed w/ his other cars on the RSC site also strange it’s wearing #34 instead of his usual racing #44?
Interestingly, Hansen’s McLaren M6A 1968 Ca-Am effort was sponsored by Jack Douglass Chevrolet also 1x only ‘68 Yenko is noted in the Registry here as being delivered by the JD operation but no color noted, YS-8040 8N460015.
Does anyone know what color YS-8040 was and could this be the car in the pic also does it exist today?

~ Pete

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I like real cars best...especially the REAL real ones!

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thanks for those pictures Rick. awesome 68 yenko. like they say pictures are worth a thousand words. thanks again
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Don's demo blue 68 Yenko Camaro YS-8003 was built without the COPO 9737 and had no front spoiler. I can't tell if this Mid Ohio car has the front spoiler. I tried to enhance the photo but it is just too dark in the area of the front spoiler. There was a good number of blue 68 Yenkos so its hard to tell what the YS number is for this Mid Ohio car.
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