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Sorry, I am a little slow at responding here.

Crush, I have different issues here for cooling and heating than you in michigan. So far I have nothing on my building except for super well insulated. R21 garage doors with seperation between metal inside/outside panels, R11 roofing insulation on outside of roof sheating are two that are huge. I was in my small attic space yesterday with 108 outside it was 88 inside and underside of sheathing was not hot to the touch at all. I open doors for an hour or so at night to let cool night air in and its holding it pretty well through the day so far. Eventually I will put AC on it but it won't take much to keep cool. I don't worry about heating for the most part in the desert. My family says I built a big yeti but that was sort of the idea.

Bernhard, It is just a plain work shop, garage, storage on inside. No extravagant plans for show or anything. I have trailers, cars, tractors, and other toys to consume space below. Loft will have a desk area and the rest storage for all the items that clutter your floor space usually below.

Thanks for all the encouragement! I will get up some more pics soon.
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