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I'm not sure if it is the same guy or not?

I do remember Bill and he was into Vettes. And I do remember him out streetracing his black 67 427 Vette with satin Centerlines. I heard his barn burnt down years ago and the cars were lost. Not 100% sure on that and it's hearsay and could not be correct. Just what I did hear.

I should reach out and see if that's true. As for the "Cominticki" L-79 there wasn't much info other than that from whose who were around at the time. Just like Chapin with the Hemi Cuda and 440+6 Cuda. I've seen the car for years, yet never able to actually talk to him.
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I know of one that doesn't exist anymore. Actually a friend of mine and his story. His buddy had a 66 L79, 4.56 gears, headers, and a few other typical day 2 mods. Said it was the fastest car he'd rode in at that time. They were on Redbank near Norwood messing around when he lost it and wrapped it around a telephone pole. My buddies head went through the windshield. Both were okay and walked away but he blames that incident for his hair loss, lol.

The car was stripped and sent to scrap, and the engine ended up in something else.
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Default Pittsburg ad 1967

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