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Originally Posted by Tracker1 View Post
CANADIAN "BUILT" so NOT imported-OSHAWA. That's a waaay different kettle of fish with much better record-keeping in Oshawa.
Oshawa-built GTO Judges actually have WT1 (Judge) and M20 or M21 stamped on the trim tag. Seen L34 on some Oshawa Chevelle trim tags too.
Yes, up through 1970, they coded all the pertinent RPO codes on the trim tag. Iíve bought cars without ordering the paperwork first just by looking at the trim tag. I figured they kept meticulous records of cars crossing the border in either direction, but still great that you can get the VVS report for non-Oshawa built cars, even if itís missing some production figures.

Originally Posted by Tracker1 View Post
And the reason he mentions 1972 specifically is that it wasn't until '72 that you got a VIN letter on GM cars to designate the engine option.
That makes perfect sense.
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Originally Posted by Tracker1 View Post
I remember that car being for sale. No docs unfortunately, but a solid story. As far as Baldwin being unaware of the COPO program, I always call BS on that. More likely they kept it super quiet at Rosen's request - why would a guy who puts 427s in customer cars for a living want anybody to know about a factory-installed 427 program? He wouldn't.

Tiny dealerships in Canada were getting COPOS and a connected east coast (NEW YORK!) dealer doesn't know about it?? Hahahaha! C'mon.

I hope this yellow car turns out to be something special, sure seems like it might be - best of luck!
Totally agree with this.
Joe Barr

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It would be interesting to talk to Joel and Marty about the relationship with the Baldwin Auto Dealership.

They worked together to sell the SS427 cars but at the same time Baldwin sold their own SS350 SS396 and Z/28 cars. Baldwin also had a parts department that sold hi po parts.
They didn't do a lot of national advertising like Motion did.

Baldwin Chevrolet and Motion Performance were both painted on the drag cars as sponsors

Baldwin may have just sold the COPO 427 cars on their own.
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