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Old 12-15-2017, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by 396L78canuck View Post
Who makes the best one on the market? Do you need a soft cover underneath or do they come with a soft lining underneath. Thanks Bob
I am looking for one for my 2017 anniversary issue Camaro
Yes Bob, you need to have a good preferably soft car cover on prior to placement of car jacket cover. Another good tip when zipping up is leave a few inches open and place the hose of your shop vacuum in to assist with sucking the air out. Good idea to have the car at ambient temperature, push back or forward from resting position, place car jacket where desired, push car back in position and button up.
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Thanks for the reply,Bob
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Old 12-30-2017, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by 69 Post Sedan View Post
I just purchased the Car Jacket https://www.carbag.com/carjacket/ for my Chevelle.

I’m storing the car in my trailer. I removed the battery, laid desiccant bags in and around the car then put my car cover on it before zipping up the bag.

The other day I had to get in to the trunk. When I unzipped the bag, all I could smell was gas fumes. I contacted them and they said some people put air fresheners around the car otherwise they would refund my money if I wasn’t satisfied.

My take on this is the bag is very tight but I don’t like the idea of the fumes being in the bag making the car smell like a gas tank.

Any suggestions?

I live in Michigan and use the Car Jacket car bag with desiccant to store my 69 Camaro RS. It was recommended to me by numerous car guys. The gas smell is normal. Do not keep opening the bag to check the car as it will diminish the effects of the desiccant. I will admit the first year I used it I was skeptical because of checking the car and the fuel smell. I have since learned from experience, put it in the bag and leave it alone. Important to roll the windows down 3 to 4" before zipping up bag . Once you remove the car from the jacket the odor will completely dissipate within a few hours. The jacket protects the car from rust, corrosion, moisture, dust, dirt, and insects. Your car will be as pristine as when you put it away. I would highly recommend it. Pine Ridge Enterprise the mfg. stands behind their product and is always available to answer any questions.
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