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Old 05-17-2006, 05:44 PM
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Default Re: November '05 Feature Car

My Father was a salesman at Wallace Chevrolet back then and brought home the Green Yenko Nova.

Took a couple friends of mine and I to Englishtown Raceway Park in it and yes, drove it down the drag strip with the 3 of us kids in the car. What a great memory.

That was a long time ago.

Great car Tom!

[/ QUOTE ]

Don't leave us hanging here! Tell us more: a/t or 4speed car? how long did your dad have it? more stories please - any street racing?

I guess you've heard of Frankie Johansen? He was a salesman at Wallace Chev. as well, and owned a '69 COPO Camaro racecar called the HUCKLEBERRY HOUND.
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Old 07-11-2006, 06:00 AM
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Default Re: November '05 Feature Car

I owned the blue Duece from Wallace,& the car had all the Yenko badges on it.The mirrors were not a sport mirror but the original GM Nova style.Yes it had hood pins & the Camaro fender braces
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Old 08-08-2013, 02:35 AM
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Default Re: November '05 Feature Car

<span style="font-weight: bold">THIS IS MY GRANDDAD'S YENKO , HE SOLD AND BROKE MY HEART LOL ..MAN I MISS THIS CAR!!</span>
70 Yenko Nova (SOLD) 350/360hp Auto 4.10 posi
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Old 03-07-2015, 11:28 AM
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Default Re: November '05 Feature Car

hi guys

were the sport mirrors a part of the yenko package......OR........are they a dya 2 add on

really not sure...would like info on this......is it something i should be looking for on my deuce nova??

thanks guys
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Old 06-10-2015, 11:09 PM
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Default Re: November '05 Feature Car

So I take it you grew up somewhat close to Old Bridge ?
I like cars more than I like people .....
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