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Originally Posted by Zman1969 View Post
Good reading here, muffler in my 69 is started to rot through, haven't even gotten 1,500 miles on car and it was aluminized but has always spit out orange rusty water from condensation so I'm kind of liking the Dynomax listed above but wont tailpipes need to be swedged up to 2.25?
Yes you can graft in your factory tailpipes. I did on our 69Z. It's actually pretty easy if you use the 2.25" Dynomax muffler. The 2" factory tailpipes are only 1/8" difference around the circumference.
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I installed ones those kits from drclassic with the Thrush transverse muffler.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueoBhUQknco
1970 Z28
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