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Default Re: Is this for real?

Alot of neat stuff died on the dirt tracks. There was a 61 409 Impala SS in this area that got the stock car treatment. The 409 survived and was in an 83 or 84 Camaro last I knew.
98 Cobra. Long tubes. Big cams. Shifter. 4.88s. Still slow.
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Martin..I don't know where in this thread his car was trashed. Someone posted that they looked at a car that had a vin that was not to a Yenko. Maybe it was the rebody mentioned but no reason for it to crush dreams. As for the Supercar Reunion it is not a part of this site or it's ownership. Members here are permitted to promote that event but as owner of this site I have nothing to do with the Reunion. If your friend is sure he has the car he is more than welcome to chime in here and posting pics that show his case would go along way in documenting it. I work very hard in not letting people trash cars without a good factual reason. Sorry your friend had a hard time but with all the fakes these days people easily get suspicious.
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Default Masciarelli

This was my uncle Nick Masciarelli. He owned several Mopar drag cars over the years. The blue 71 was an original HEMI car. Here is the story behind the convertible.

The Cuda was manufactured in February 1971. The first owner "Ronald Ambach" lived in St. Louis / Missouri at the time. He was the proud owner until the demise of this muscleman in the first oil crisis. He had only covered a few road miles in the vehicle. The next owner was a man named "Nick Masciarelli" from Ohio. He bought the Cuda for his drag racing escapades. He modified a number of things on the HEMI engine to significantly increase the performance, as an engine expert he called in "Tom Tignanelli". Desperate to get a good result in the drag races with the vehicle, under pressure to win the races, Tignanelli persuaded him to swap out the HEMI for a new HEMI Race engine.

The Hemi Cuda was sold again in May 1973. The new owner, named "John Book" and his West Virginia partner "John Oliverio" continued to rush the HEMI Cuda around the drag strip during '73-'74.

Fortunately, from that date, the Hemi Cuda was stored in an air-conditioned room in West Virginia for historical preservation until 1989. In 1989 the vehicle was owned by the Painter brothers bought and just two years later "Milt Robson" from Atlanta Georgia bought the Cuda. This was still in the race look, nobody had ever restored the HEMI to its original origins. Milt Robson has now faithfully restored the HEMI Cuda to the broadcast sheet, everything has been professionally restored down to the smallest detail. He made no compromises and only used original used or NOS parts. The restoration was completed in the early 1990s. The HEMI Cuda Cabriolet still has all the original sheet metal parts, nothing had to be re-welded. The original interior has also been refurbished. Unfortunately, the engine could no longer be found. The search was unsuccessful and Milt Robson has sourced a correct 1/19/1970 Data-Coded Chrysler NOS block as a replacement .

In addition to a 4-speed, the HEMI Cuda was also ordered and delivered with a power steering, power brakes and a Super Track Pack (Dana 60 rear axle). Another great option ordered was the AM/FM radio and of course the body-colored elastomeric front bumpers (code A21). It is said to be the only '71 HEMI Cuda Cabriolet that has this option ex works, according to the broadcast sheet. Both broadcast sheets are available for the vehicle. The previous owner history is fully documented and is underlined by the titles (registration papers) that are still present. The vehicle was personally inspected by Galen Govier and is declared an absolutely original "pearl". It is of course also recorded in the official Chrysler Registry in the USA.

The HEMI Cabriolet appears in the color EB5 Blue outside as well as inside. Only the roof is in white. The HEMI is perfect down to the smallest detail, a real trailer queen and restored for eternity for the showrooms.

The HEMI Cuda Cabriolet has lot number 255 and can already be viewed on January 18th at the auction hall in Arizona. Further information can be found on the RM Auctions website. More comprehensive information about the total of 11 manufactured '71 HEMI Cuda Convertibles can be found in our reports.
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