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Default GM Heritage Center docs

Unless my web search skills are inadequate, it looks like GM may have taken away free downloads of Chevy vehicle information kits?? The old link here:


now goes to a new landing page here:


There is an "archive" link down in that page, but if you click that you end up here:


which has no document download option.

After more searching around I found this page:


which does have a supposed "free download" link at the very bottom, but if you click that link you go right back to the new main landing page again!

So either they have fouled up their new website and the links (it astonishes me how big companies, and our government, with bazillion dollar IT budgets cannot role out new websites without causing major problems), OR they have decided to try to get $50 a pop for the info packets??

I wish now I would have downloaded and saved all of what they had online for 64-67 Chevelles. I didn't because I assumed it would remain available (and free).

If any of you have a link to get to the free downloads that works, please post it. Thanks!
Jeff Helms
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