2nd Annual 


September 4, 1999

Holiday Inn Convention Center

Springfield, MO 


   The 1999 Supercar Reunion, as expected, was bigger and better than the 1998 Supercar Reunion.  This year, there were 42 Supercars registered, representing almost all of the Supercar dealers, and most Chevrolet models.  Believe me when I say there were some excellent looking cars there!   

The list of registered cars includes, by years:


5 Yenko Stinger Corvairs:

(see race results below)


Nickey/Bill Thomas Camaro:  Mike Guarise
Yenko Camaro:  Greg Snapp
2 Yenko Stingers: (see race results below)
Nickey Camaro: Jim Pearse


Gibb/Harrell COPO Nova: Kim Howie
Gibb/Harrell COPO Nova: Ray Morrison 


COPO Camaro: George Johnson
COPO Camaro: Vern Bauer
Yenko Nova:  Gary Holub
Yenko Chevelle:  Frank Radake
Yenko Camaro:   Phil Winslow
Yenko Camaro:   Lee Dobbs
Yenko Camaro:   Tom Clary
Yenko Camaro:   Mark Hassett
Yenko Camaro:   Larry Christensen
Yenko Camaro:   Gary Crawford
Yenko Camaro:   Brian Henderson
Yenko Camaro:   Pete Gerling
Yenko Camaro:   Ron Voorhees
Baldwin-Motion L-88 Corvette: Wayne Masone
Baldwin-Motion Phase III Corvette: Darryl Dodd
ZL-1 Camaro: Ken Barnhart
ZL-1 Camaro: Carl Stuber
ZL-1 Camaro: Bill Porterfield


Baldwin-Motion Camaro: Mark Timken
Dick Harrell Monte Carlo:   Tim Pestinger
RS Z/28 COPO  Camaro:  Phil Borris
Yenko Deuce: Ken Schoenthaler
Yenko Deuce: Jerry Albert
Yenko Deuce: Dave Belk
Yenko Deuce: Jon Cronkleton


Baldwin-Motion Corvette:   Rayburn Pennington


Yenko Turbo Z:   Glenn Henderson

NOTE: We apologize for not having pictures of ALL the cars that attended the Reunion, as our "professional" photographer failed to get pictures of all the cars.  If your car is listed, but not pictured, send us a picture, and we'll gladly post it!

This year the Reunion was held in Springfield, MO, in the Holiday Inn Convention Center.  The indoor facility proved to be a good idea, as most everyone moved their cars in Friday night, and they were assured to be safe from the weather. 

Saturday, the non-judged show and autocrossing by the Yenko Stingers took place.   Here are the results from the autocrossing:

    The Stingers, while providing some excellent racing, proved to be the only racing of any kind this weekend, as it began raining Saturday night, and didn't quit until late Sunday morning, thus raining out anyone's plans to drag race. 

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