Supercar Reunion & Musclecar Corral

August 19-20, 2000

Holiday Inn Convention Center 

Springfield, MO


 Friday afternoon/evening, most of the owners moved in their cars and set up their displays of memorabilia, then relaxed and had a chance to catch up with fellow Supercar owners.  Saturday morning, the doors were opened to the public, and there was a nice turn out of spectators to view these ultra-rare cars and to check out a lot of rare dealer memorabilia.  Here is a list of Supercars that were present:
John Gresham Yenko "Stinger" Corvair
Tom Clary Yenko "Stinger" Corvair
Gregg Snapp Yenko Camaro
Ray Morrison Gibb-Harrell COPO Nova
Kim Howie Gibb-Harrell COPO Nova
Mike Riley Berger COPO Camaro
Carl Stuber COPO Camaro
Frank Payne COPO Camaro
Dick Bridges/Micky Hale COPO Chevelle
Mark Hassett ZL-1 Camaro
Larry Christensen ZL-1 Camaro
Frank Radake Yenko Chevelle
Ron Voorhees Yenko Camaro
Larry Christensen Yenko Camaro
Jerry Ewert Yenko Camaro
Don Clark Yenko Camaro
Brian Henderson Yenko Camaro
Tom Clary Yenko Camaro
Rayburn Pennington Baldwin-Motion Corvette
Glenn Henderson Yenko "Turbo Z" Camaro
Maurice Wiggs Yenko "Turbo Z" Camaro


After the show Saturday afternoon, some of the Supercars took a road trip to a near by drag strip, to show everyone what makes these cars so SUPER, and to further prove that these ARE NOT TRAILER QUEENS!

RACE 1: Jerry Ewert's '69 Yenko Camaro vs. Gregg Snapp's '67 Yenko Camaro
RACE 2: Mark Hassett's '69 ZL-1 Camaro vs. Ray Morrison's '68 COPO Nova
RACE 3: Mike Riley's '69 Berger Camaro vs. Tom Clary's '69 Yenko Camaro
RACE 4: Larry Christensen's '69 Yenko Camaro vs. Rob Clary's '70 LS-6 Chevelle
RACE 5: Frank Radake's '69 Yenko Chevelle vs. Maurice Wigg's '81 Yenko Camaro


Sunday morning, there were a couple of guest speakers who told of their experiences with the late Dick Harrell.  One speaker was Valerie Harrell, Dick's daughter, who brought several scrap books full of old and rare pictures of her father and his many racing ventures.  Ray Morrison also spoke, and had several stories about the his car, which he personally bought from Dick Harrell...he even rode along on a test ride with Dick!  All in all, it was a very memorable weekend.


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