2003 Supercar Reunion

Labor Day Weekend

August 29 & 30, 2003

Collinsville, IL





The 2003 Reunion was dedicated to Baldwin-Motion

This year's Reunion featured a dinner banquet followed by a presentation and question and answer session.  Representatives from both Baldwin Chevrolet and Motion Performance were on hand to give insight into the wonderful automotive creations that came out of the Motion Performance garage back in the '60s & '70s.

Feature Guest Attendees:
  • Joel Rosen - owner, Motion Performance

  • Marty Schorr - advertising & PR

  • Gary Kupfer - body/paint

  • Phil Tesio - original customer

  • John Mahler - Baldwin Chevrolet

Attendees (49):

Joe Barr Huge memorabilia collection!
Ken Boje Gibb Camaro
Gary Holub Yenko Camaro
Mark Hassett Motion Camaro
Keith Hutson Yenko Camaro
Matt Murphy Gibb Nova
Ray Morrison Gibb Nova
Joe Swezey Harrell Chevelle
Tom Clary Harrell funny car
Michael Rusden Motion Corvette
Steve Sandlin Motion Camaro
Anne Hartweg ZL-1 Camaro
Kevin Hand ZL-1 Camaro
Ken Barnhart ZL-1 Camaro
Bill Porterfield ZL-1 Camaro
Steve Sandlin ZL-1 Camaro
Carl Stuber ZL-1 Camaro
Joe Swezey Harrell Camaro
Frank & Caleb Arone COPO Camaro
Charlie Biele COPO Camaro
Steve Sandlin COPO Camaro
Steve Sandlin COPO Chevelle
Chris Short Yenko Chevelle
Frank Radake Yenko Chevelle
Brian Henderson Yenko Nova
John Platania Douglass*Yenko Camaro
Jerry Albert Yenko Camaro
Dru Diesner Yenko Camaro
John Deppe Yenko Camaro
Bill Hunter Yenko Camaro
James Shockley Yenko Camaro
Larry Christensen Yenko Camaro
Don Stowers Yenko Camaro
Mark Hassett Yenko Camaro
Jon Clary Yenko Camaro
Dan McMichael Motion Corvette
Mike Guarise Motion "Spyder" Corvette
Chad Blomberg Harrell Camaro
Jim Hughes Yenko "Deuce" Nova
Thomas Kusmiesz Yenko "Deuce" Nova
Jeff Latondress Yenko "Deuce" Nova
Dan McMichael Motion Camaro
Rayburn Pennington Motion Corvette
Pat Joiner Motion T/A
Steve Sandlin ZL-1 Camaro
Helen Gibb ZL-1 Camaro
Larry Christensen ZL-1 Camaro
Mike Carnahan ZL-1 Camaro
Steve Blumfelder ZL-1 Camaro
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