Here are a TON of pictures from Benny Pfeiffer of his COPO back in it's early days.  I'll try and get Benny to send us some more info...


This Citrus Green car has the original dealership lettered on the quarters; Fencl Tufo Chev. in Glendale Heights, IL. This car has not been found to our knowledge. (This picture, along with the next several Deuces, was submitted by Marlin.)


This Cranberry Red car was found in Michigan.  The car is a 4 speed with no options, and is undergoing restoration in Ohio.  Car is originally out of Dick Watson Chev, in MI, Circa 1997.


This Fathom Blue car was orig. out of Scuncio Chev. in RI.  It is a 4-speed car with no options.  At one time this car was reportedly used to tow lawn equipment.  The car is now restored.  Circa 1976.

This car is originally a Forest Green car that was repainted blue, only the Yenko emblems show its heritage.  This is the only '70 Yenko Nova that has some paperwork indicating that it might have received Atlas Wheels, they are still with the car.  This car is a 4 speed, has power steering, and sport mirrors - although orig. pics indicate that only one was actually installed on the car.  Car is currently undergoing restoration in New York, after spending most of life in CA, and Idaho.  Ironically, the car was originally sold out of Robert Chevrolet in Long Island, NY.  Circa 1986.


Lowest mile '70 Yenko Nova found to date at 6k+.  Circa 1998.


This Hugger Orange car is also a 4 speed, and was sold out of Fencl Tufo in IL.  It was a street racer in it's early days as remembered by the original owners friends who we met at Vette-Fest 2 years ago.  The car is currently
in OH undergoing restoration.


This Forest Green car is well optioned with a/t, p/s, and instrument package.  It was originally sold out of Colonial Chevrolet in Norfolk, VA, and was taken to Idaho and Wyoming by some investors.  It has been restored, after
being bumped around.  Circa 1996.


This Hugger Orange car was orig. sold out of Marv Minneman Chevrolet in Youngstown, OH.  It is a 4 speed car with the custom steering wheel option. Notice the white underside which turned out to be trunk spatter paint, and
the wheels which appear to Hurst models.  This would not be surprising since the Orange cars were among those delivered to Hurst performance in Detroit, MI.  Circa 1972.


Here are a couple pictures of a Yenko Vega, submitted by Marlin Spotts. (circa 1998-99)


Here is how the previous owner of Marlin's Yenko Deuce found it. (circa 1989)


This '70 Yenko Nova was originally sold out of Peck Chev, in Little Rock, AR. The car is a 4 speed, no power steering, and Cranberry Red, it is currently undergoing restoration.  (circa 1983-85)


Here is a Yenko Deuce, again submitted by Marlin Spotts. (circa 1970)


Here is another Deuce submitted by Marlin!  It is an original owner, Cortez Silver, 4 speed, 25k mile Yenko Nova originally sold out of Wallace Chev in Linden NJ.  A rollback tow truck operator let a car 'get away from him' and it rolled into the front end of this car, causing the damage.  The orig. owner cut the stripes right at their turning point on the quarter panel and removed the back section of them the day he brought it home.  The car is currently waiting its turn for restoration in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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