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Old 07-30-2008, 05:30 PM
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Default 1970 Herb Adams VSE Stage II Camaro (Cheverra)

I have for sale one of very few Second Generation Camaros
appointed with Herb Adams VSE “Staged” Cheverra components. To further distinguish it from other Cheverra builds, the level of chassis preparation and use of special one-off components makes it a virtual platform for the promotion of special suspension components developed by Herb Adams/VSE.

The car does have its original, numbers matching engine that has been modified, to what extent internally I do not know. Car is very tight, runs and drives very good.

For numerous pics and a full recent report from Mr. Wayne Guinn go to his web site at:


Some comments from Mr. Guinn:

"The subject of this report is a Cheverra survivor and a highly collectible car that can still be driven to its

Herb Adams VSE built Fire-Ams and Cheverras are purpose built concept cars whose heritage is derived directly from GM engineering sponsored programs similar to the “combine” builds of Hurst/Olds, Baldwin/Motion (Vettes, Camaros and Novas) and Nickey, Berger and Yenko. Using the “F” body platform, Herb Adams (VSE) was able to bring the second generation Camaro - Firebird chassis to a superior performance level to gain world class recognition by matching the best factory and race prepared vehicles including the formidable Porsches.

Herb Adams and VSE are widely recognized as being pioneers in high performance chassis tuning. GM’s elevated state of chassis tuning today is easily traceable to Herbs initial work which is best known for having gone beyond “muscle” to create a uniquely balanced and highly competitive product.

There is no hard documentation that speaks to how many Cars and Concepts, VSE or private builder VSE Stage Packages were installed over the years to create Fire- Am or Cheverra vehicles. Nor are there any specifics regarding the break-out of makes, models or years they were applied to.

Very few VSE Fire-Ams and Cheverras have surfaced over the years but when they do they never disappoint as they still remain highly competitive even in today’s highly advanced technological environment. VSE Fire-Ams and Camaros are fascinating tuner F-bodies that performed with the best the world had to offer back in the day and looked great doing it.

The subject of this report is a Cheverra survivor and a highly collectible car that can still be driven to its limits without fear due to the meticulous level of preparation. At the time of this writing it remains the best known example of a highly competitive VSE equipped, Stage II Camaro Cheverra in existence."

Price: $95 K, OBO, possible trades
Call Chip Wright
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