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Originally Posted by Stefano View Post
Very special Camaros and a well packaged street/road race car. Itís one of those cars which is better than most of its owners will ever be. If you appreciate road feel and input feedback, there is no stock Camaro which will communicate with you like this car. If your looking for a soft, quiet and isolated driver, then not the car for you.

More gear whine and vibrations are standard as well.

The LS7 engines are awesome overall ( they do have their issues) and are easily upgradeable to much more power naturally aspirated.

As far as value. While some donít care, the a/c option carries a premium and is much easier to resell. No issues low mile A/C cars seem to be selling in the low to mid $40s range.
Could you expand a little on what issues they have? Thanks.
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